A Pirates of the Burning Sea Interview with Jess Lebow

We sat down with Jess Lebow, Content Director for the summer 2007 title Pirates of the Burning Sea, to discuss the latest improvements in the game: the newly revamped avatars, the innovative avatar combat system, and an entirely new twist for the game - the supernatural.

"Development of avatar and naval combat abilities is moreso skill or usage-based. Level is more about access (rank has it's privileges, like new ships to choose from!) than simply becoming more powerful. Or, as Lebow puts it, "a 6-pound cannonball still does the same amount of damage; but maybe you can now buy a ship with a couple extra cannons on it." Using a certain type of ammo over and over would presumably teach you the nuances of your cannon and cannonball, and presumably increase your to-hit chance, just like in real age of sail combat. In short, it'll take a combination of skill and level to get at the big booty.In the hands of an unskilled player, level could just mean you make a bigger, more lucrative target."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016