Jumpgate Evolution
Producer Reveals More

On the day when the active space combat MMORPG Jumpgate Evolution saw
public playtesting for the first time, we  stopped Producer
Hermann Peterscheck after his presentation and debut showing of the
game's first video teaser to ask a few introductory-level questions we
had about the game. What we got in return was a spate of detailed, high
quality answers about the state of MMORPGs and that of Jumpgate
Evolution from one of the industry's most earnest and approachable
veteran developers.

"Probably more important than what you do is what you
don't do. We're
of course concerned with the attachment value of the game, but I think
the problem is that people say that you can't relate to a ship, so you
need avatars. But I look at it more like: how can you emotionally
connect people to our universe? There's many ways of doing that; we'll
have to find ways of doing that rather than adding these big features,
doing that badly and ruining the game."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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