Looks like Blizzard is standing strong on their stance!

Blizzard released a page today that goes into detail about the evils of gold selling and the secondary market. It's a must read and be sure to show any of your friends who might engage in any form of gold buying!

Players who purchase gold or use power-leveling services are not always aware of how these actions impact the game and our development and support efforts. With that in mind, we've posted a statement that sheds some additional light on these topics, including information on how purchased gold is obtained and on the potential negative consequences of sharing account details. We hope anyone thinking about buying gold or sharing account access for any purpose will read and consider this statement before taking actions that could compromise their account security and result in other negative experiences for themselves and other players.

Click here to learn more and remember that Ten Ton Hammer is gold free and support Blizzard 100% behind this.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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