Current state of PvP in the Beta

It's been a few months since the Wrath of the Lich King beta was announced, a lot of changes have come and gone, lots of nerfs, buffs, and changes to overall mechanics have gone in. In this final article for the Wrath of the Lich King PvP, we will go over what we know, and provide links and information on what's upcoming for PvP fans in Blizzard's newest expansion.

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Lake Wintergrasp's Map

Battleground - Strand of the Ancients

Possibly one of the most interesting additions to the game is yet another Battleground, this one will mimic Return to Castle Wolfenstein's "The Beach" level, where one side will be invading from the sea and the other side will be defending their Keep from the invaders.

It's been stated that both sides will be able to use PvP Siege Weaponry in order to achieve their goal of invading or defending, and it will involve destroying buildings to make the way to 'capture points' in each tier.

Not much is known about this Battleground yet as it's not active as of the latest patch in the Beta, but a new article may pop up later when it's finally released for testing for impressions and thorough mechanics.

Open PvP - Lake Wintergrasp

Lake Wintergrasp is Blizzard's latest attempt at promoting World PvP. It features a destructible fortress you have to either defend or attack with Siege Weaponry, along with your comrades, in the first fully pvp-oriented zone in the game.

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Siege Weaponry in Lake Wintergrasp

The main attraction of this zone, as with the Battleground, is the siege weaponry and destructible buildings. The current mechanics have it so that the longer you wait to mount one of your faction's siege weapons and ascend ranks within the area, the better weapons you will be able to drive and attack with, giving you more of a chance to defeat the enemy defenders and either break your way through or defend your fortress.

It's worthy of note that this zone has several special benefits for those who fight here, and those who drop by.

You will be able to receive 'Spirit Shards' from Lake Wintergrasp's PvP, allowing you to buy Weapons and Armor from the PvP vendors should you choose to expend them. These Shards are given from PvPing, or from Dungeon Bosses just like Auchindoun, for those who currently control the Fortress.

As a final addition, controlling Lake Wintergrasp will allow you to zone into the Fortress, that houses a 1-boss 10/25man Raid Zone that has special loot that only he can drop. So, if you're interested in besting all the raid bosses and obtaining all the loot possible, control Lake Wintergrasp!

Lake Wintergrasp is rumored to last 4 hours per controlling phase, so it may be possible for it to switch controls around 5 times per day, so it's best if you organize your troops for the next opening and do some PvP!

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Death Coil Relic for DK PvP


There are 2 new Arenas planned for Wrath's release, which include the Dalaran Sewers and the Orgrimmar Arena. The big difference between these new Arenas and the old ones lie simply in the fact they will have "moving" walls and floors, so what's in Line of Sight for you one moment won't be the next!

It's also been stated that players in the Dalaran Sewers will be tossed into the battle through a water pipe, not allowing them to stay behind at the preparation area, making for a faster and more interesting fight.

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700+ Resilience is the norm

Stats and Weaponry

It has been shown that Resilience is still the stat of choice when it comes to PvP, when Resilience soars up beyond 700 in the latest builds! Not only that, the average player has around 16,000 HP.

Plate wearers go over 20,000 HP and have a lot of damage mitigation. What this does for the PvP game is that it has people last longer yet it will allow for more variety in terms of damage combos and strategies.

Weapons exceed 160 DPS if 2-handed, or 120+ if one-handed, and armor gives over 60 in stats per. Not only that, new gems and glyphs will provide more variety overall.



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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016