I was browsing the forums and stumbled across this very interesting PvP idea that I thought was worth mentioning.

...what if:

There was a zone that encouraged pvp - gave all sides, yes including exiles - a reason to come defend/control it.

From QH or E. FP or Haven- you pay 5g for a ticket to The Frontier Outpost.

You zone into a zone the size of say Unrest (the outdoors).

The zone has two military style outposts Q and FP on opposite side, somewhere in the middle is a mercenary camp for exiles.

You zone into your respected faction zone-in spots.

If you PvP, having an instanced battleground could be a really great idea, especially for the lower population PvP servers! It worked for Dark Age of Camelot!

This is a great discussion thread and even gets a visit from resident PvP Dev God, Archonix. Stop by, give it a read, and add your own yays or nays!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016