Do You Know the Way to Ahgram?

Not much of a lore junkie? That's okay, we have folks at Vanguard Ten
Ton Hammer who are. If you want to learn the lore of Telon but don't
have the time to read all the stories, Martuk has crafted a quick and
easy Cliff's Notes version of Qalia lore. Now, if someone asks you who
Khelium Ak'Zel is, or whether you know the way to Ahgram, you'll have
all the answers. You little genius, you!

Khelium Ak'Zel was
a sorcerer that supported Jathred Shazarethen. He planned to help
Jathred in a coup, but after Shidreth Ahgramun was killed he turned on
the Vizier.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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