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A few weeks ago, the Ten Ton Hammer editorial staff had the special
opportunity to ask a single question of the entire Tabula Rasa
development team. While the question was basic (you can read the whole
thing by clicking
), the answers we received were incredibly unique and
speaks volumes about a developer's view of a lengthy MMOG project.
Spearheaded by TR's community manager, April "CuppaJo" Burba, the
Tabula Rasa developers have once again responded to a single question,
this time centered around the post-launch player antics, and the
developers answers are again extraordinary.

Watching the players dive into the content has been
really exciting.
Having worked extensively on control points, I enjoyed watching the
emergent behavior and social aspects that evolved around these. It was
pretty cool seeing things like "LZ on Wilderness 4 is being overrun, we
need backup!" and "We're taking back the IV CP on Wilderness 3, who's
in?" in general chat, heh. - Philip Cimoch (Design, Missions)

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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