During my online stumblings; I have come across an excellent article written by Jesse (aka Jesswar) over at WarhammerOffline (www.warhammeroffline.com) about the different relations of all the current Warhammer Online races. This document is great for people who are new to the Warhammer World, or just don't know certain specific bits of information on certain races.

Here's a quick snippet:

Part 1- Warhammer Dwarfs

Who: Dwarfs love the Empire and although there are small skirmishes between individual Empire Lords and Dwarf clans, the Empire and Dwarfs are the most solid and close alliance in the whole Warhammer World.

Why: The very first Emperor, the Almighty Sigmar, saved the then reigning Dwarf High King from certain death by his Orc captors. Since then the Dwarfs have pledged eternal grattitude to the Men of the Empire.

You can read the entirety of this well written article here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016