Ethec, who apparently is quite the beer connessour, interviews a real life home brewer. Not only does he gives us his insight into the game, but he has stolen secrets from the gnolls and made an EQ2 themed beer!

Ethec: Were you inspired by a quest, or did you discover the Blackburrow brewery, located by swimming through a secret chamber in Blackburrow basement, earlier in the game?

Dan Riley: Well, I accidentally discovered the brewery when I was doing my level 20 ranger [armor] quests. Very cool. Much better then in EQ1. Then again for that darn Dwarf. I still haven’t found that griffon. But it was really the EQ1 version that got me started. I always wondered, "what would this legendary drink taste like, and why did that poor bartender die for it." So yes, my stout is all based on the pesky gnolls.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016