The Darkspear trolls are on the warpath and nothing will stop them from reclaiming what is rightfully theirs! Driven from their home on the Echo Isles not so long ago by the evil witch doctor Zalazane the Darkspear trolls are ready for revenge. Join them in their epic battle and aid the Troll cause by completing the new and exciting quest chain ending with Zalazane's Fall.

Even players who are not overly familiar with the Sen’jin Village will be able to see that the area is much changed from the Sen’jin of the past. The small village is without question on the verge of war. An army of Darkspear warriors, lead by Vol’jin himself, stand at the ready, command tents have been erected and the witch doctors are dancing like they have never danced before. The Darkspears are without a doubt ready to fight and die if necessary to reclaim their lost homeland and you will amazingly enough play a major role in their victory. .

Get a full walkthrough of this quest line in: href=""
target="_blank">Reclaiming Echo Isles - Zalazane's Fall Walkthrough!.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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