First Look Release Notes: Litany of
the Dead

August 15, 2006

Introducing Five New
Dungeons (CR 5-6)!

Several centuries ago, a splinter group of the Blood of Vol
near where Stormreach lies today. The leader of the group had great
aspirations, and after following in Vol's footsteps and becoming a
lich, he craved even more power and set out to become a god.

He recruited three vampire friars to write a sacred text for him, The
Litany of the Dead
. Each vampire would be responsible for a third
of the book, The Heretical Path, The Twisted Apocrypha,
and The Black Prophecy.
When all three works are finished and combined, the lich will arise
from his rest and ascend to godhood. The first crypt opens now...

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target="_blank">click here.


  • We have made some changes to the Twilight Forge that should
    improve performance.


  • The House Kundarak banking system has opened up a
    new branch in the harbor inside the Harbormaster's House! House
    Kundarak – striving to meet YOUR banking needs.
  • Loot messages from other players can be filtered out using the
    chat options on your chat tab.
  • Tells sent to invalid character names once again give a more
    correct error message.
  • The spell exchange and energy spell selector dialogs behave
    correctly when you dismiss them using the escape button.
  • Fixed more stuck points throughout the world.


  • Prolonged exposure to the Plane of Night has had
    negative effects on Velah and has stripped her of some of her former
    epic powers. Note that to compensate she has grown a bit smarter, and
    many of the old strategies used may not work as well as they once did.
    Experimentation, quick thinking, and valor will surely lead heroes to
    find new ways to defeat her.
    • Velah's spellcasting AI and line of sight recognition have
      been improved.
    • Her attacks are no longer flagged as unblockable.
    • The average damage of her physical attacks have been
      The critical hit ranges on various attacks have been modified.
    • Her tail knockdown attack now uses the same mechanics as
      other Knockdown effects.
    • Wing Buffet is now considered a physical attack rather than
      spell. The knockback effect now has a reflex save.
    • Velah's
      Dragon Breath is no longer treated as a physical attack. It is now
      entirely fire damage with a single reflex save, and can no longer crit
      or miss.
    • Dispelling Breath now removes half as many magical effects
    • Her Telekinesis ability now has a will save.
    • All spells cast by Velah now properly use her Charisma to
      determine DC's.
    • Fireballs spit by Velah are now entirely fire damage and
      scale properly on Hard and Elite.
    • Velah herself scales properly in difficulty on Hard and
  • Wildmen apply the feeblemind effect less often, generally on
    critical hits and/or their special leap attack.
  • Melee
    oriented Troglodytes will move closer to their targets - they should no
    longer attempt to make melee attacks from out of range.
  • The
    effects caused by the warforged quori humanoids in the WFT area will no
    longer produce FX. Previously this on-damage effect could slow down
    performance due to the spam of visualized effects.


  • Laina the Excoriated will close her shop window properly.


  • The critical threat range is no longer doubled on the 4th swing
    in a combo.
  • The feeblemind bestowed by wildmen is now curable by
    restoration (an upcoming update will fix the NPC-cast heal).


  • Vorpal weapons will instantly kill monsters as per
    the beheading rules in the Players Handbook - you must roll a natural
    20 and confirm a crit to vorpal your target. Heads will not actually
    fall off (as cool as that would be!)
  • Niac's Cold Ray and Knock scrolls are now available at Lorna
    Wyrmtouched, Arcane Scroll Vendor in the marketplace tent.
  • The
    Freedom of Movement effect on the Kundarak Delving Boots will now ward
    the movement effects of Storm Giant weather control. It will no longer
    ward the Beholder's petrify eye beam or the Mummy's Despair ability.
  • Items
    that cast Featherfall have gotten an upgrade in usability. These items
    are now fast-casting and use a self-only version of Featherfall.
  • The
    "of Destruction" weapon effect is much weaker than intended. To make
    the effect worthy of its cost, "of Destruction" will now reduce the
    target's AC by 4 the first time it hits. There is no saving throw for
    this effect.
  • The names for Seeker +1, Seeker +2, Seeker +3 etc.
    items have been changed to be consistent with other effect naming
    conventions - they are now named to match the bonus they give (Seeker
    +2, Seeker+4, Seeker +6 etc.)


  • Hazadill was having such fun with Otto's Sphere of
    Dancing that he didn't realize that he was breaking the rules of the
    universe and casting area-of-effect Otto's IRRESISTIBLE dance rather
    than area-of-effect Otto's RESISTIBLE dance. This has been fixed. Don't
    forget to pack your will saves!
  • Fixed a long-standing issue
    with dispel effects that was causing dispels from the Dispel Magic
    spell to be much harder than they should normally be.


  • Gnarl's Tomb
    • Old Gnarl's ghost now opens
      his door after a fight if he dispatches any would-be thieves. This
      allows parties to attempt him again without resetting the dungeon.
  • Restless Isles
    • The Runetusk Commander will no longer speak to you after he
    • Several encounters were displaying their DM text
      This has been fixed.

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