In an open letter on NCsoft's Tabula Rasa website, Richard Garriott has announced that he is stepping down from his duties at Tabula Rasa. Of course those duties have probably not included much (if any) hands-on game development since he has been so busy gathering DNA from rock stars and celebrities and of course heading to the stars.

From Richard's open letter:

”Many of you probably wonder what my plans are, now that I have achieved the lifelong dream of going to space. Well, that unforgettable experience has sparked some new interests that I would like to devote my time and resources to. As such, I am leaving NCsoft to pursue those interests.

This news is difficult for me to deliver. I am honored to have worked with the team I've had and I'm grateful to the community who makes this game so unique and fun.”

In his short Open Letter Richard doesn't reveal where he is off to, but we wish you the best in your endeavors General British.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016