Are you ready for the next Rift beta event? You won't have to wait for too much longer. Trion Worlds today announced that Rift's fifth beta event "Battle of the Ascended" will take place on Tuesday, January 25th through Friday January 28th. The next beta event will boost the level cap to 30 and open access to the Scarlet Gorge zone and the Foul Cascade dungeon.

If you haven't had the chance to check out Rift's beta you can gain access to all remaining events by pre-ordering. If you're undecided about ordering you can try your luck by signing up for beta on the official Rift website and by grabbing one of our Rift Beta Keys for access to a future event.


 Over One Million Hours of Playtime Logged in Most Recent Beta Event

Trion today announced dates for the fifth Rift™ closed beta event, “Battle of the Ascended.” The event is scheduled to kick off at 10 AM PST Tuesday, January 25th and end at 10 AM PST Friday, January 28th. As Trion’s hotly anticipated MMORPG draws closer to launch, the closed beta events continue to grow in popularity and scope, with “Battle of the Ascended” featuring a raised level cap to 30, access to the Scarlet Gorge zone, and the opening of the Foul Cascade dungeon.

In Rift statistical news, players in last weekend’s “Warfronts” beta logged over one million hours of total playtime during the three day event. The Black Garden and Codex PvP warfronts, which debuted then, will also be available to play during the next event.

To secure a guaranteed spot in the “Battle of the Ascended” beta event, pre order Rift at


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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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