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Nestled high above the world in the snow capped peaks of the Iron Pine
Forest lies the lair of the nefarious Abyssal. Secluded from the rest
of the world, these malcontents are working tirelessly to awaken a
cephalon, one who knows the location of the imprisoned dragon aspect
Akylios. By stepping inside the Abyssal Precipice you take on the most
important of missions – stopping them before it's too late. 

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Group Configuration:

Being one of the two level 50 instances, the last tune-ups before
heading up the progression ladder of heroics, group composition will
begin to play a more meaningful role here. Having a solid offhealer in
the support role is a huge plus in AP, not so much for the boss fights,
but for the obscene amount of trash. Ranged DPS is favored in some of
the encounters here, including the second boss – but any competent DPS
will do. It can also help smooth the trash packs a bit by having solid
CC but flexibility is the key, if you have strong AoE then you may be
better off healing through many of the pulls and burning them quickly.


style="text-shadow: none;">King of the Mountain

style="text-shadow: none;"> style="font-weight: bold;">Starts: Abyssal

From: Zone

Vanquish all three boss encounters in AP

style="text-shadow: none;">The Book of Sunken Dreams -

style="text-shadow: none;"> style="font-weight: bold;">Starts: Abyssal

From: Alaric

Retrieve all three chapters of the Sunken Dreams

The Sword of
Thedeor - Guardian

Abyssal Precipice

From: Magnus

Complete the test's of Thedeor

Deep Touched
- Defiant

Abyssal Precipice

From: The
Faceless Man

Retrieve the Ethian Core and the Sourcestones


Kaler Andrenos

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Abyssal Precipice has the feel of an outdoor area that winds though
mountainous environs. It is very linear and littered with tons of trash
mobs. Avoidance is futile, so plow through them and make your way
towards the bosses.

The first boss encounter is a relatively easy one, provided you can
identify his casts and successfully LoS his main ability. The fight
starts as a tank and spank with the tank grabbing aggro and moving the
boss slightly to the side. The first ability Kale will use is called
Ice Geyser, a PBAoE (point blank area of effect damage) that also
causes a knockback. Once cast the geyser will erupt from the ground and
become a frozen stalagmite of sorts. Players will want to then huddle
behind the ice column when Kale begins to wind up his big spell – Icy
Explosion. Icy Explosion is a killing blow that can only be avoided by
using the ice block as a barrier. Rinse and repeat these two mechanics
for a very easy kill.

Majolic the Bloodwalker

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The second boss encounter starts out simply enough, but at 35% life
remaining, all hell breaks loose. Well, maybe it isn't that bad – but
it does become a bit more difficult. At that 35% mark Majolic will
undergo a radical transformation and take on the form of a blood
spewing mummified madman. In this phase he will do two fairly annoying
things; the first is that he will cast a random debuff on a player that
not only effects that person, but anyone near him (this is where range
DPS is handy). This effect is dispellable, but if you fail in that
department simply spread out until it fades. The second thing Majolic
does is to entomb another random player in carbonite (whoops, wrong
game) or a big blood crystal that must be burned down quickly to
prevent that players untimely demise. Depending on overall DPS you may
only have to deal with each ability once or twice before the boss
sleeps the final sleep.

Calyx the Ancient

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The final baddie in the lineup is Calyx the Ancient. This fight is a
war of attrition and taxing on the healers more than anything. Calyx
will use 4 abilities to attempt to drain the healers mana; a ranged AoE
called Hydroblast, a ground based AoE called Abyssal Depths, a
reflective shield known as Jagged Ice and Frozen Wrath, another ranged
AoE blast.

Having an off-healer in your support role here comes in very handy as
there is a near constant stream of group-wide damage flowing.
Hydroblast does moderate damage while Frozen Wrath takes everyone down
to approx 5% life, neither are avoidable. Abyssal Depths is mostly
unavoidable to on its initial damage, but quickly moving out of it
prevents it from doing its real damage – a super annoying stun. Jagged
Ice is the easiest to mitigate, simply stop attacking while its up.

If the healer(s) can avoid getting stunned and stay on top of keeping
the party topped off, this is a very winnable fight – but failure to
avoid unnecessary damage can spell doom to most parties.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016