The Champion

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Perhaps the most stereotypical “warrior” soul in the class, the
Champion will make second generation MMOG players feel right at home.
Using many of the same mechanics that players are used to such as an
intercept, a healing effectiveness debuff, a hamstring, a cleave and a
reactive attack only usable after being dodged or parried


  • Easy class to play for warrior veterans
  • Strong at closing the gap between enemies
  • High burst damage
  • Great soul for fans of big damage numbers
  • Plays equally well in PvE or PvP


  • Consistent damage output is lower than other DPS souls in
    the calling
  • Less capable of taking a beating than other warrior souls
  • Not as much synergy with other DPS souls that utilize dual
    wielding or shields


The Champion is a DPS soul that specializes in close quarters combat
and high burst damage. Using 2h weapons, these beasts can put up huge
numbers when cooldowns are available. Failing to quickly burn down a
target however can leave the Champion feeling hung out to dry as their
non-critical, or “white”, damage is slightly underwhelming. Champions
have a slew of tools and tricks at their disposal and a player with
quick reaction times can easily excel here.

Solo Play

Certainly not the quickest or most consistent soloist in the calling,
the Champion is still capable of being a solid centerpiece soul. The
trick to playing a heavy Champion build is sticking with it in the
early levels and resisting the urge to dump points into other souls, as
they grow exponentially in power the deeper into advancement and root
trees you go.

Group Play

Far from being a liability, the Champion works well in a group –
especially if there is a strong rogue also in the party. Using their
strong burst abilities to maximum effectiveness can yield devastating
results to enemies with low health. Even though they don’t bring
anything to the table in terms of group enhancements, the Champion
makes a solid DPS addition to any group.

Pairs Best With


Every DPS soul pairs well with the
Riftblade, and the
Champion is no exception. The addition of ranged magic-based attacks,
DPS and strong AoE makes this a no-brainier. Both souls do well against
foes with attacks that reduce or ignore armor ratings


The main upside to this pairing is
very simple – you get a
free pet. For nothing more than selecting the soul you gain a companion
pet and
some additional damage. Spend a few more points into the tree to
survivability and the pairing is pure win. 
Another upshot of both the Beastmaster and the Riftblade
is that there
are no wasted 1h weapon talent points needed to advance through the
which maximizes efficiency.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016