The Inquisitor

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href=""> style="font-weight: bold;">Calling: Cleric


Primary Attribute: WIS

Straddling the line between life and death, the Inquisitor is a DPS
cleric soul. Playing the role of both judge and jury, Inquisitors hold
up those they deem righteous and smite down those they deem unworthy.
Inquisitors are best used as a tertiary soul, however some players have
crafted PvP builds with them as a main soul while working their way
toward the purchasable PvP soul.


  • Highly self sufficient
  • Hard to kill
  • Little to no down time
  • Compliments other souls well


  • No direct heals
  • Support is weaker than other souls
  • Can be overwhelmed by burst DPS


The Inquisitor uses a powerful combination of mana and health drains
coupled with direct damage spells to wreak havoc on their opponents.
Using both life and death based abilities gives a slight feeling of
ambiguity due to reduced damage output in both areas, but by no means
does that make this a weak soul. Faring better as a tertiary soul, some
players have found use for the Inquisitor as a stop gap primary PvP
soul as they work towards gaining the favor needed to purchase the
dedicated soul.

Solo Play

With their ability to manipulate the strengths of their foes into power
of their own, the Inquisitor is the embodiment of the saying about
adding insult to injury. The proper use of mana and health drains will
reward a player with one of the smoothest leveling experiences in the
game as there is little to no downtime when done correctly. A player
who neglects these abilities however will end up with frequent trips to
the graveyard.

Group Play

A deep spec Inquisitor will probably never be one of the most sought
after souls when groups are looking for DPS as they lack the heavy
punch most parties are looking for. A well rounded DPS build that
features an Inquisitor in a supporting role will find lots of work due
to the added sustainability the soul brings.

Pairs Best With


The benefits of this pairing are easy
to spot as they are
the two caster DPS souls in the calling. The Cabalist is a master of
death and
can give a major damage boost to an Inquisitor with a minimal
investment of
points. At 10 points spent, Entropy is a huge upgrade as it upgrades
the damage
of channeled spells, effectively buffing the damage and returns of the
Inquisitors drains.


Bringing the Inquisitor back into balance after succumbing to the dark
side of the Cabalist, the Purifier adds some much needed utility to the
build. The most notable upside here is that with only 10 points spent
we gain a direct heal, a resurrection and a damage shield. There is
also a healthy increase to wisdom gained and the possibility of
increasing our damage shields effectiveness or adding punch to
our healing.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016