The Paladin

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One of the three primary tanking souls, the Paladin packs the most
punch for players dedicated to protecting their allies and punishing
their foes. Most tank builds will want to build heavily around the
Paladin no matter what their ultimate focus is.


  • Highest mitigation of all souls
  • Excellent threat generation
  • Multiple self heal talents and abilities
  • Can lower enemies damage output
  • Can shield all party members from large amounts of damage
  • Nearly impossible to kill


  • Limited AoE threat
  • Weak against magic based attacks
  • Low damage output


Out of all the tanking souls, the Paladin feels the most like a tank
quicker than any of the others. Using shield enhancements stuns and
debilitating attacks to control the battlefield, the Paladin is a
powerful bulwark that can make low level tanking a breeze. Early on in
both the root and the advancement trees there are several threat
generating abilities that help the Paladin keep a firm grasp on unruly
mobs. There simply is no way around devoting considerable points into
the Paladin tree no matter what style of tank you ultimately become.

Solo Play

While most players will devote one of their roles at least to a more
traditional DPS based solo spec, it is still possible to solo as a
Paladin. One of the drawbacks to being a Paladin is a lower overall
damage output than many of warrior souls, but the tradeoff in
survivability means you won’t be at a complete disadvantage. One on one
a Paladin can whittle down even some epic mobs and solo some rift
bosses if enough cooldowns are available.

Group Play

A good Paladin will have more friends than they know what to do with as
you will be the primary tank of choice for many encounters. A highly
forgiving spec at lower levels, the Paladin is a great soul to learn
the basics of tanking with and experienced players will quickly master
its nuances for maximum performance.

Pairs Best With


Another tanking soul, the Reaver fills in the few gaps in the Paladin’s
gleaming armor. Adding AoE threat and some extra punch on the damage
end, the benefits of a Reaver soul are felt almost immediately. At a
mere 6 points in you gain Soul Sickness, a nice DoT, in the root tree
and buff it to heal you for 50% of its damage in the advancement tree.
Even though the master of entropy and death may seem the polar opposite
to the bearer of the light, this is an excellent pairing.


While many people may overlook the Warlord as being a relatively weak
soul, its buffing and enhancement abilities are a excellent way to
round out the Paladin. Passive abilities that reduce incoming damage
that are coupled with the Paladin’s already impressive mitigation will
make you a healers dream. Astute warriors will use the various shouts
and cooldowns afforded by the Warlord to round out a top notch tanking
build. My personal favorite is a 3 minute cooldown called “No
Permission to Die” that turns a fatal blow into a 50% of max health
heal, a devastating ability in PvE and PvP alike.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016