The Stormcaller

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style="font-weight: bold;">Stormcaller
href=""> style="font-weight: bold;">Calling: Mage


Primary Attribute: Int

One of the more daunting souls in the style="font-style: italic;">Rift universe is
that of the Stormcaller, a Mage DPS class that uses the powers of wind
and water to besiege their enemies. Pyromancers may have been the most
popular Mage DPS soul early on, but as the game progresses and raiding
becomes more prevalent the Stormcaller becomes a key ingredient in top
damage builds. A perfect match with the Elementalist, this is not a
soul for novice players or those looking for a 3 button nuker to
mindlessly kill with but a powerful weapon that needs constant upkeep
and attention.


  • Chart topping DPS
  • Can excel at single target and AoE
  • Challenging style of gameplay
  • Compliments other souls well


  • Difficult soul to master
  • Requires coordination of abilities
  • Can be easily interrupted before reaching full power with


The Stormcaller's powerful DPS is the result of a carefully constructed
weave of spells that if allowed to reach fruition can become quite
devastating. Of course in that course of building that power up the
Mage becomes very exposed and any interruption delays the devastation.
Stormcallers aren't completely defenseless however, their abilities
also afford them several methods of hurling enemies away and then
slowing their advances – giving the caster extra time to finish them

Solo Play

Stormcallers can solo very well if done by an experienced player, or a
new player with a fair amount of patience as it isn't the easiest of
rotations to master. As with every one of the souls in style="font-style: italic;">Rift however, there
are up to 5 roles you can purchase so there is no need to be obligated
to any one soul in particular.

Group Play

The Stormcaller is most at home in a group or raid setting. With other
callings surrounding them and providing a necessary buffer, the
Stormcaller can fully realize their damage potential. Although most
Stormcaller builds feature very little extra utility, they more than
make up for that shortcoming with their ability to provide optimal DPS
on both single target foes and large AoE packs.

Pairs Best With


The Elementalist is the single best pairing for a strong Stormcaller
build. The synergy between the two is undeniable and often leaves the
tertiary soul with no spare points to buy into. Besides direct buffs to
damage output, the main upside of this pairing are the powerful pets
afforded to you. In most raid and group settings the weapon of choice
will be the Greater Air Elemental, but the other two pets are also
useful in solo or PvP situations.


The official game recommendation for the other pairing is that of the
Pyromancer, and while that may sound great, the truth is there aren't a
lot of points left to go around for this soul. Knowing that we will be
spending either the lion's share, or even more likely, all of our
points in the first two – it makes the most sense to fill this spot
with the Archon. At zero points into the tree you get one fairly
useless spell;  Pillaging Stone, with a 2 second cast time and
little damage. The real jewel here, and the only reason to take this
soul, is Searing Vitality. Searing Vitality is a cast-able stacking
debuff that gives you charge, does DoT damage to your enemy and adds 10
Endurance per stack – max 5. The buff lasts 5 minutes and is a great
bit of extra survivability  

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016