The Void Knight

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Officially dubbed the anti-magic tank, the Void Knight is a defensive
soul that seems to lack a strong singular role in the game so far.
While there are many attractive talents in this soul, some tanks may
elect to skip the tree altogether. Endgame mechanics may very well turn
this soul from the red headed step child to the favorite son however
but only time will tell.


  • Highly resistant to magic users
  • Excel in PvP
  • Able to drain mana
  • Pact system provides engaging gameplay
  • Strong interrupts


  • Mitigation abilities weaker than other tanks
  • Most defined role of the tanking souls limits versatility
  • Has had constant changes and tweaks due to imbalances in
    PvP play


A mana user’s worst nightmare, the Void Knight uses a combination of
interrupts, silences and mana drains to confound and obliterate
casters. The Void Knight uses a special system known as Pacts to help
aide them in their fight. These Pacts are generated when dealing damage
to mana users and can be stacked up to increase damage, increase threat
or unleashed via various abilities, they do have a finite duration so
proper Pact management can be the mark of an effective player. When
spec’d properly the Void Knight also has a chance to gain pacts from
attacking non-mana users or even from receiving heals. Rift Summon, a
21 point talent, pulls a hostile target to the Void Knight and roots
them temporarily – a powerful tool for saving a friend or harassing a

Solo Play

The same caveat that goes for all tanking souls goes double for the
Void Knight; with so many roles available, most players will want to
swap to an offensive soul configuration for solo play. That being said
the Void Knight is capable of soloing, but it will be a slow road until
you are well into your 20s as you will have low damage output and no
self heal before hitting 26 soul points.

Group Play

The Void Knight is the most situationally dependent tank, excelling at
countering mana users but mediocre at handling melee opponents. Using
Spellbreaker to remove multiple magical debuffs from allies and Rift
Shield to protect them adds value to the soul. Warfronts are where this
soul really shines, bringing casters to their knees and keeping healers
on lock down.

Pairs Best With


Adding the strong single target threat and powerful survivability of
the Paladin to the Void Knight is a no-brainer. The only potential
problem with this pairing is that it will be hard to dedicate points to
the Void Knight tree with so many tasty options staring you in the face
in the Paladin soul.


While the added bonus of group buffs and control offered by the Warlord
may be tempting, the Void Knight will see far greater benefit from the
extra damage of the Reaver. In addition to extra damage the Reaver adds
more AoE threat generation and a tertiary level of survivability. Crest
of the Abyss, at only 6 points into the root advancement, provides a
powerful armor increase to help shore up the weakness against melee
that is inherent in the soul.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016