Do You Know Who You Are?

In his continuing look at role-play, AnomalousSilence, talks today about how to figure out the personality and history of your character.

So… now what? You’ve debated over whether to join a PvP or PvE role-playing server. You’ve tested the various servers and server forums, and have analyzed the overall quality of these same servers. You’ve picked your server and are ready, finally, to play. What next? Character creation of course! This goes far, far beyond the simple physical appearance of your avatar (the selection of which, in Vanguard, can undoubtedly take hours or even days). In order to properly role-play on a role-playing server, and to maximize your experience, you must develop an in-depth personality and background for your character.

What are you waiting for? Finish reading this great article and then share the character profiles with us in our forums!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016