According to the developers at the official Runescape website, 2009 has become the year of the upgrade. Apparently, this means that the developers are doing the "tedious" little jobs that really help to make the game as polished as possible. Although many would probably argue that Runescape has plenty of polish already, the developers want to see more and are using the upgrade year to improve their game and help guide you through their world.

So, the first post of the New Year and you’ll be wondering what the next 12 months in RuneScape will bring. The past year saw the introduction of PvP Worlds, RuneScape High Detail, Summoning, our first Grandmaster quest, combat minigames, and Distractions and Diversions. What can we do to top 2008?

Well, this is the challenge that we’ve set ourselves: 2009 has become our official Upgrade Year! So, what does that mean? It means our New Year's resolution is to tweak and polish what we've already got in the game alongside creating new content.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016