You might have noticed that Trion Worlds officially launched Rift last week in what may have been one of the smoothest MMORPG launches in the industry. The fact that the largest complaint by players was the head start server queues, that's quite an accomplishment. But with the game now live, the Trion team is transition to live support and Executive Producer Scott Hartsman took to the forums yesterday to update players on the game's first real update set to take place later today.

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The 1.01 update will arrive for Rift during downtime scheduled to begin at 8:00am PST this morning and includes a number of fixes, tweaks and updates. Among some of the highlights is the arrival of Raid Rifts, improvements to experience gains for rifts, invasions and footholds, better item stack management, adjustments to endgame PvE difficulty and an increase to the number of quests that can be added to the quest tracker.

Hartsman also touched on other things that the devs have in the works for future updates. One area of note is the controversial issues surrounding being dismounted so easily, even by creatures a lot lower level than you, the Expose debuff, additional account protection, Mage changes, and the overall "Event Contribution" for rifts, invasions and footholds is getting reworked. The focus on ability contribution is going away to make way for a new system. You can check out Scott Hartsman's full post on the official Rift forums.

Thanks to SirRobin for the catch.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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