href="">Star Trek
Online has an alluring pull.
It's so strong, that MMOG vets like Scott Jennings who can point out
all of the potential shortcoming of the game can't resist. He provides
a humorours tale of a Star Trek fanboy gnashing his teeth as he hits
"Submit" on his payment and jumps into the Open Beta.

"See, at this point I don't even *care* about the skill system (which
destroyed my enjoyment of Champions Online
before I got very far into it), or how soloable it is, or how much
polish the game may or may not have. I am a license fanboy. I have
lived and breathed Star Trek for the past 30 years. God, I only wish I
were exaggerating. I am a community manager's worst nightmare.

of course, I have to pre-order. And what do you know, right there on
Steam as part of the
advertisement, pre-order the game and get into the

It's clear that Star Trek can draw a crowd just by its name. Can it
draw a steady crowd that will grow with the game and accept some of the
"compromises" Scott discusses? There is definitely demand, will the
supply meet it? Barring all of the haters who have a pre-disposition to
get pissed about everything, the launch of STO and subsequent growth of
the game will be most fascinating. Someone should do a study, write and
book and then send me royalties.

Are you a fanboy stopping in for more Star Trek, are you an MMOG player
who is looking to try the latest sci-fi game or are you like me,
somewhere in the middle? I'm excited but also brushing up on my ability
to hit the ignore button for the jackholes show up (and they invariably
do).  Read the rest of Scott's disussion at about " href="">Why
I'll Play Star Trek Online" and
then share your thoughts in our forum.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016