No Longer a Secret

For the last several months, it seems as if a new free to
play MMORPG has been unveiled every other week, and this month has been
no exception. The developers at Zyon Games have opened their doors and
revealed their latest localization project, Secret Online, a
Chinese-made MMORPG that puts the characters smack in the middle of
mythological China. With an active Chinese player base of 10 million
users, Zyon Game's hopes to recreate that success in North American as
well, and the game is set to release in 2008. Ten Ton Hammer has
acquired the official press release along with nine new screenshots, so
please take your time and enjoy the presentation!

As a free-to-play massive multi-player online
adventure game,
Secret Online transports users into the dynamic world of ancient
Chinese mythology. Featuring beautifully rendered and customizable
avatars, the game offers 200 static maps as well as an infinite quest
generator spanning 20 unique environmental maps. Secret Online also
introduces new play features for MMO gamers, such as a persistent realm
history, wherein players permanently affect the time line and events of
a particular server – and thus impact the experiences and storyline of
other gamers in the same realm.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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