SOE posted a security reminder, and this is always a good thing to read every now and again. Now, more than ever, sneaky folks will do all that they can to snag your personal information from you off of the net, and it is just so very important that you know how to protect yourself!

We strongly recommend that you change your current password periodically and keep your registration information updated including choosing a secret question if you have not already done so. Please make sure that you have provided us with your current and valid email address, we will use the email address on record to notify you of any changes or activity regarding your Station account and in retrieving lost passwords (this email address will not be used for marketing purposes unless you specifically opt-in for newsletters and announcements.)

Please remember to NEVER give out or share your Station name or password, including with friends and Guildmates.

It's good information for your SOE accounts, and for any account that you may access online.

Give this good reminder at read at

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016