Server Patch Downtime: Wednesday, Sept. 12 5:00 AM PDT

The servers will be coming down this Wednesday, so adjust your gaming schedule accordingly!

All servers will be brought down tomorrow morning at approximately 5:00 AM PDT for a patch. The estimated downtime is about 4 hours, with the servers being brought back up around 9:00 AM PDT.

Below are the hotfix notes that will be live tomorrow after the patch:

- Fixed a bug with player chests where placing an item in a chest, moving that item inside the chest, and then placing a second item at the original location will cause those items to stack cause the first one to look like it was lost.
- Fixed a bug with player chests where stack counts were not being saved when stacking items inside a chest. This would result in stack counts being wrong when the server restarted and items would have been lost.

- Upkeep has been turned back on. This affects all housing plots.
- Made it so when you attempt to deposit escrow it cancels any trades you might have.
- Fixed an issue with fixture not showing up in some Guild Halls that are in densely populated areas.

- You can no longer activate an item, such as summoning your mount, if you are in the process of casting. This should fix both a known exploit and crash.
- Likely fix for the high level characters with certain gear not being able to chunk unless they unequip some of their items.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016