MMO Golf??

That's right. has an interview with CEO of OnNet USA, Kevin Kim. Don't miss out on this interesting interview.

Shot Online is an MMO Sports game. Players advance their characters skills, items and abilities by playing golf. While things like force and accuracy are decided by character skill, the player has to make the decisions themselves. In effect, you can hit harder than Tiger Woods, but if you aim the ball at the side of a mountain, it won’t do you any good. The game requires an interesting combination of player and character skill.

It has been two years since Shot Online made its North American debut, but this month marked its North American retail debut. Published by Synet, the game is available in major retailers across Canada and the United States. However, for the first two years of its existence, Shot Online has been free to play and free to download. They make their money through a micro payment system where players purchase items.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016