Chinese weapon: The Glaive

There are two distinct races in Silkroad Online, the Chinese and the Europeans. Some weapon types are exclusive to a race, and the Glaive belongs to China. What is a Glaive? Just one of the coolest looking polearms ever!

In Silkroad Online there are two distinct races, Chinese and European. The former race has the ability to use health and magic potions at a quicker pace, though a feature of the latter that will be discussed in the future does balances this. Chinese characters also have five weapon styles to choose from, one being the glaive. Its users tend to improve their strength rather than their magic powers. The weapon mastery known as Heuksal allows players to choose from different styles of glaive attacks that help them in their journeys through the game.

- Chinese glaivers ready for battle near Donwhang. Each degree of the weapon has a unique look.
- One of the more prominent glaiver skills is hurling the weapon at the opponent.
- This black tiger is a victim of a sweeping ghostly strike.
- A glaiver leaps to deliver a devastating overhand slice to a surprised Bandit Giant.
- Two glaivers fighting a Black Robber; both display different techniques.
- A Black Robber Bowman falls victim to the strength of this awesome glaive party.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016