What (Gods &)
Heroes Are Made Of

Perpetual's mythological MMO Gods and Heroes was on display at the 2007
SOE Fan Faire, and helping to promote it was none other than Senior
Brand Manager Debysue Wolfcale whose industry experience speaks for
itself.  She was kind enough to answer a few questions about
what direction the game is going and how well it's being marketed.

SOE's Fan Faire had a number of future products on
display, one of
which was the mythological Gods and Heroes being developed by Perpetual
Entertainment. Promising a world where gods, mythical beasts, and epic
stories will unfold it's poised be a little out of the ordinary in the
MMO genre. While Ten Ton Hammer got a look at this game during E3 and
Comic Con, we caught up with Senior Brand Manager Debysue Wolfcalfe who
has helped market a number of MMO's ranging from Ultima Online, to
EverQuest, to Star Wars Galaxies. We asked her about how things were
progressing and what we could expect to see in the near future.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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