Fan Faire...From a
Vanguard Point of View

After a week in Las Vegas, Nevada, Ten Ton Hammer Vanguard community
manager, Machail, returns home and has a few stories to tell. He walks
us through what it's like at the Fan Faire, and covers some topics
directly asked by our loyal readers here at Ten Ton Hammer.

One thing about the Fan Faire is that it really is a nice open
environment and communication goes back and forth at such a steady
pace, you really are left with little to no questions unanswered by the
end of it.

If you missed Fan Faire and you'd like an inside glimpse, check out href="">Machail's
overview. You can also talk it up and ask Machail questions
on our Vanguard community href="">forum!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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