SOE Fan Faire 2008 coverage continues with more meat.

Day Two of Fan Faire allowed the panels to open up a bit since John Smedley's address revealed all of the secrets bottled up on Day One. Stop in for updates to all of the SOE games in circulation and in production. As a sampling, the Everquest II expansion includes some significant new content:

"First up, achievements are getting a major overhaul. With no new levels added to the level cap, the players will still have ways to trick out their mains in new ways using new achievement trees. While no specifics were shared, the bards in the crowd were most happy when an achievement was hinted at which would provide an in-combat group run buff. As discussed yesterday, there are twenty new instances and most will be level-scaled (similar to Splitpaw). The Moors of Ykesha is the new level 77+ overland zone and there will be four new raid zones. In addition to the new content, there will also be two new dieties, and one will be unlocked on a per server basis."

Free Realms received the royal SOE treatment as well, so you won't want to miss out on that. Read the rest of the SOE Fan Faire 2008 Day Two Coverage and then share with us which of the games has grabbed your attention the most on our forums.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016