SOE Fan Faire 2008 Day One in Review

The first day has come and gone but the dust isn't settling yet, there is a ton of new information for Medeor to follow up on after last night's Community Address from SOE CEO John Smedley:

"Mr. Smedley and various teams spent considerable time discussing Free Realms. All I can say is that Free Realms is so much more than just a teen/tween game. The depth and breadth of the gameplay and social aspects are astounding. I will go into with more depth during my follow up report after the hands-on session tomorrow, but let me set a few things out for you to consider (in addition to all the traditional features); each character has a Myspace-esque presence, pets are all unique in look and attitude (and they pee and poop), a development team was brought in just to create the racing mini-game that strives to be Mario Kart-level fun."

And that is just the beginning, the new Everquest and Everquest II expansions, The Agency, DC Universe Online, and much more. Read the rest of the first day round up of SOE Fan Faire 2008 and then weigh in on what you are most excited about in our forums.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016