Project Management at its Finest!

Ever wanted to see behind the scenes at SOE, and how all the big
decisions are made?  Not anything critical like "What should we get on our pizza?"
or "Should we raid Nektropos Castle instead of working?"  Something a little more toned down, like what armor textures to work on.   Blackguard
gave us some insight, complete with pictures!

We were absolutely amazed that you
were able to discover why we chose to change Emerald Hide Armor.
Because of this, we have decided to allow
you a closer look at exactly how we determined to update the visuals of
this particular armor set. By an odd stroke of luck, the entire process
was documented in pictures, and we have those for you here in what we
like to call A Closer Look at SOE:
How We Decide to Update Armor

You can read the
article in its entirety, and see the best picture of Blackguard I have
ever seen on the href=""
target="_blank">EQ2 Forums.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016