style="font-style: italic;">When style="font-style: italic;">Star Wars and SOE
are mentioned in the same breath the reaction from some gamers is
downright scary. Undaunted by any lingering anger over the past, these
two have once again partenered up to create a multiplayer world. This
time using the Clone Wars era and a browser based delivery method, the
new game looks to capture a younger market, similar to that of style="font-style: italic;">FreeRealms. Can
they capture the magic of the
Star Wars
universe and can a browser based game deliver
the level of gaming goodness that Star
fans demand? Join Jason "Medawky" Bolton this week as
he progresses from Padwan to Jedi in our review of href=""> style="font-style: italic;">Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures. 

SOE strikes gold again and asserts their dominance over browser based
MMOGs with Clone Wars
Adventure. When we first heard a rumor of this game’s
development it was hard not to secretly wonder if mixing SOE and Star
Wars again
was a great idea, but those fears were properly assuaged by this
innovative and fun mix of Star
Wars lore and mini-game goodness. Kids of all ages, and Star Wars fans
especially, should easily enjoy their time in Star Wars: Clone Wars

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016