If It Ain't Baroque - An Art Direction Q&A with Sword of the New World Developers

In this day and age, sword and sorcery MMOs are practically a dime a dozen, and more fantasy-based games are on the horizon. The development team at K2 Network was faced with this problem, and they chose to differentiate themselves from the competition by adopting the architecture and vibrant look of western Europe during the Age of Exploration. We asked the Jon-Enee Merriex, Senior Game Master for K2 Network, a few questions about their art direction, which he graciously answered and included a few exclusive screenshots for Ten Ton Hammer readers as well!

There was a lot of research done, but that doesn't mean people should expect to see the Globe Theatre, the Vatican, or other famous European locations. The teams really focused on making Granado Espada - which is the name of the new continent in Sword of the New World - feel like the Baroque or Classic era Europe. Although the game isn't actually set in Baroque Europe, the inspiration from that era of the continent is everywhere.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016