Spellborn Works B.V. has announced today that they have declared bankruptcy lending a large amount of uncertainty for the future of The Chronicles of Spellborn MMOG.

It seems that the current plan is to re-release The Chronicles of Spellborn as a free-to-play in 2010 per this statement from a Frogster CM:

Hi all,

I cant speak in behalf of Spellborn NV, but still want to tell you a bit more. Frogster (which I do work for) just released a press announcement concerning the re-design into a free-to-play version with a joint venture of Spellborn NV and Frogster Asia Co. Ltd.

For now, the servers and system (subscription) will remain the way it is. There are still people available for running the daily work and systems. The F2P version is currently planned to launch in 2010.

The bankruptcy was confirmed by tCoS developer in this post:

Spellborn Works B.V. is indeed declared bankrupt, this is the company where the dev's, including me worked for. Currently I don't know what's going to happen to all the servers and services, that information is bound to be provided in the upcoming weeks.

What lead to the demise of this small gaming company? Is the player population that low? Players, chime into the discussion by posting your comments!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016