Once again, the developers at Cryptic Studios have beamed down information for the starving masses who are following the development of Star Trek Online. A brand new community Q&A has been released with lots of little tidbits about the upcoming game. If you are still hungry for more, check out Ten Ton Hammer's Interview with Jack Emmert at GenCon 2008 or the Star Trek Fiction Update! Read on to see the answers to the newest Ask Cryptic community Q&A (the original article can be found here).

Will ship roles be analogous to naval combat roles or will they be more like the party roles in other MMOs – will ships be cruisers or destroyers or they be tanks or healers?

Federation ship classes are inspired by the television shows. So, for example, you could have a ship like the Enterprise, the Defiant or the Voyager. We call the different classifications of ships Cruisers, Escorts and Science Vessels.

More details on the exact roles and differences are coming soon, but for now, suffice it to say that the ship roles are a combination of naval combat and traditional MMO gameplay. Klingon ships are different, and reflect their style and culture. And everything will be very customizable and very Star Trek.

Will Starfleet and Klingon uniforms be semi-customizable with extra additions?

Character customization is one of the hallmark features of a Cryptic game. You will be able to modify and customize the uniform of your characters, but it will always have the look of a uniform. The costume options will reflect popular pieces from the show, as well as new concepts and styles.

Will our choice of ships be limited by our chosen specialty as captain? So, for example, Defiants and Akiras are usable only by tactical captains, Nova and Nebula for science, etc.?

No, not at all. You can train and advance in any ship class, or even in multiple ship classes. Certainly your skills and abilities – and those of your Bridge Officers – will affect your ship in many ways, as will your ship modifications. So expect to see lots of permutations.

How customizable will Bridge Officers be? Will players be allowed to choose their race, gender, name and/or physical appearance?

You will be able to fully customize your Bridge Officers' race, appearance, gender, name and physical appearance. It wouldn't be a Cryptic game if you couldn't. You will also train and customize their skills and abilities throughout their career.

Will we be able to play 3D chess?

We are always looking at gameplay elements to enhance the Star Trek experience. 3D chess is a Trek classic, and it's on the list. But it may not be in for launch – maybe an expansion. Should it be before or after the playable Horta?

Space PvP has already been confirmed for the outer most regions and neutral zones, but what about planets in those sectors? Will there be ground PvP?

Where you can PvP in space, you will be able to PvP on the ground. There will be open PvP ground locations, and perhaps instanced PvP locations.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016