The latest edition of Ask Cryptic has hit the 'net over at the Star Trek Online official site. This Q&A is all about character customization and how players can customize their own characters in STO. Here's a small snippet:

If we create a customized race from scratch, will we be able to add any traits or abilities to that race? Possibly through the use of a skill points system or something? Or if we don't want an ability like empathy or increased strength (such as with Humans) will there be an option for increasing certain other abilities like diplomacy or tactics for example, to compensate for this?

Yes. All the races will have racial attributes and characteristics. When you create your own race, you’ll be starting from scratch. You can make them look like whatever you want and, at some point in character creation, you’ll be able to choose their attributes. Players will have several racial skills or abilities to choose from. You’ll be able to define that race. You can mimic different races out there or create something completely new and unique.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016