After target="_blank">Jack Emmert's informative presentation
at the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas, thousands of Star Trek fans
are clamoring for the latest information on the upcoming project.
However, other fans - like Ten Ton Hammer guest columnist href="" target="_blank">Chris
"Spare" Higgins - are crafting intriguing editorials on how
Star Trek Online can create a truly interesting new player experience
for their gamers. His solution? Introduce players as a Starfleet
Academy officer-in-training with all of the trial and tribulations
associated with that role. Check out his editorial, then make sure you
hop into the forums to craft your own thoughts on the new user
experience in Star Trek Online!

To graduate from Starfleet Academy cadets will have
to fulfill certain
criteria by passing courses and completing a few mission tests. Once
Cadets have graduated they will be assigned the duties of a captain on
a starship. Since the two factions for Star Trek Online will be
Starfleet and the Klingon Empire you can have the Klingon’s
join the Klingon Defense Force and offer similar training using Klingon

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016