The first SW: Battlefront was a game that wasn't for quite as many people it wanted to be for. A major point of contention for many people was the lack of an actual singleplayer campaign, a grave sin in many eyes, and some other things, too.

It's going to be seen as major good news, then, that according to everything revealed so far, Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is apparently going to improve on everything that needed improvement.

Let's see what's in store for us.

Singleplayer campaign

Unlike its predecessor SW:BF2 is going to have a full-blown story campaign. Oddly enough it will be shown form the perspective of an Imperial soldier, a leader of an elite Inferno Squad, mixing a TIE-fighter squadron with a commando unit. It's led by Iden Versio, whose story arc will take her on a long journey: starting at the moment the second Death Star blew up until the beginning of the new trilogy. Maybe it will turn out that the First Order was actually Palpatine's last order? Who knows.

Those who can't live without playing a Jedi can rest assured: there are reportedly going to be sections switching perspective from Ersio to some of the established Force users, like Luke Skywalker or Kylo Ren.

The developers have gone on record saying that they "want to convert everyone to the Dark Side".

Revamped special characters

The first rebooted Battlefront had plenty of hero characters and vehicles to use, but it suffered from the way you acquired them: you had to find a token on the battlefield, which made it very random and not necessarily rewarding. Thankfully, this is also corrected in the new one.

Now you accumulate a personal pool of points for actions which support your team in some way, be it killing enemies or doing the objective, or anything else. At respawn you can see the available special units and their point value. If you have enough in you pool you can choose to spawn as a hero units, or a vehicle. It's easy, simple, and actually rewards playing the game instead of running wild everywhere trying to find a token.

Actual classes

If some clear battlefield roles are your thing, then SW: Battlefront is going to appeal to you on that level. There will be four specific roles you could take, with their own abilities and preferred weapons.

First up there are Assault Troopers, who are the best at pushing the frontline. At their basic they get an automatic rifle, but when pressed they can switch for their shotgun to clean enemies in a more brutal and efficient way.
Then there are Heavy Troopers, the kings of suppression and cleaning up after Assaults. They are the guys with the biggest blasters, and they can use shields to be even harder to kill.

The Specialists are your sniper and scout solution. They get long-range weapons, various traps, and probably the everlasting hatred of other players, because snipers.

Finally there are Officers, who specialise in passive support. They have a number of auras to aid their troops offensively or defensively, and they can also deploy an automated turret to plug the gaps in your defenses, if needed.

Overall each class is much more defined, with much more going for them other than just weapons and mobility.

A smattering of various things

The guns reportedly give a much better kinetic feedback. Each gun has its own recoil, they fire in a different rhythms, and have a unique scatter patterns. It certainly helps the immersion, when the guns aren't just static bricks spitting lasers.

The visuals are the polished-up version of what we've seen before, with photogrammetry running rampant to bring us the best-looking Star Wars game to date.

Those who like to track the game writers may be thrilled to know that the singleplayer campaing was written by Walt Williams, the man behind the story of Spec Ops: the Line.


Star Wars Battlefront II is clearly going to make up for any of the previous game's sins. The introduction of class system, the presence of a singleplayer campaign, and a complete reworking of the hero units make the offer really enticing.

SW: Battlefront II launches on November 17 this year, with plenty of time to figure out whether you want to get yourself a pre-order or not. One way or another, it's a game worth putting on a list of titles to track in the coming months.

May the Force be with you all.

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Last Updated: Oct 18, 2017

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