To simply state that EA's announcement of a Knights of the Old Republic
MMOG at the end of E3 was a surprise would be a momentous
understatement. Although the Star Wars MMO was the worst kept secret in
the industry, the Ten Ton Hammer staff expected large bells and huge
whistles to trumpet in the coming of the next-gen Star Wars MMO. Still,
the cat is out of the bag and Ten Ton Hammer's Garrett Fuller weighs in
with his thoughts on how this upcoming game will affect the MMO
marketplace. Check it out!

style="font-style: italic;">Now we enter 2009, six years
after an MMO in the Star Wars universe was
attempted. Enter the second coming. Just the name
“Bioware” sends game
play goose bumps up every gamer’s spine. Bioware has a solid
in the game business for putting out some of the best titles in gaming
– from the 1990s with Baldur’s Gate, all the way up
to Mass Effect just
recently. When players I talk to look for quality in gaming they pretty
much mention Blizzard and Bioware in the same sentence. So now the two
big B’s of gaming will launch into an all out MMO war.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016