Tabula Rasa Producer Starr Long talked with Snackbar Games recently concerning the game and fielded some interesting questions about class balance, content updates, and the state of the MMORPG market. While some of it may not be ground breaking news, it's always interesting to see a producers perspective on game design.

SBG: Are you satisfied with where the classes/skills are at right now? Currently I can't see any reason to switch from Firearms/Lightning, and the options offered when reaching a new class seem fairly limited.

SL: We are quite satisfied with our classes and skills. And if you haven't yet played a Spy and polymorphed into a Thrax Soldier to sneak into a control point or played an Engineer to summon a Flame Bot to roast some Bane then you haven't yet experienced the true diversity of our class tree. On top of that, each point you spend creates an entirely new version of each ability. For instance each pump point of reinforcements gives you another kind of NPC to summon (medic, rifleman, etc.)

Head on over to Snackbar Games and read thie entire interview.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016