Every so often, a game development company needs to take a calculated risk and step out of their normal comfort zone to create a batch of content that is beyond their normal scope. Recently, NCsoft Nor-Cal made this decision when they opted to take on the Greek and Roman inspired zone of Cimerora. In Ten Ton Hammer's exclusive developer diary, Senior Art Lead Ken Morse discusses what it took to create Cimerora and why players should be excited for the latest batch of upcoming content!

Creating Greek and Roman inspired mission content was something that we wanted to do with Issue 11: A Stitch in Time. It was always a goal of ours for that Issue to really make you feel like a time traveler by going back to ancient times and interacting with the locals there. Unfortunately, when all the art tasks for Issue 11 were estimated, it became apparent that we would not be able to complete it for that Issue. We did, however, start work on several assets that we knew we would need once we got the content underway.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016