The week in Tabula Rasa

Another busy week for Tabula Rasa, but were you able to keep up with
all the news and events? Worry not for Ten Ton Hammer has put together
a comprehensive briefing that will provide you intel on everything
important. Remembrance Day, interviews, and much more await you inside.

NCsoft Support Child's Play through Auctions - If you
aren't familiar
with Child's Play, it's a charitable organization created by Penny
Arcade a few years ago. Ever year they collect toys for children's
hospitals across the country and a number of gaming corporations
sponsor programs to raise money. NCsoft took a few unique ideas to the
table putting up 2 signed copies of Tabula Rasa and the ability to name
an NPC in game on eBay. How cool is that? Check out the auction. On a
personal note, it's hard to think of a greater cause to promote this
time of year. Join thousands of us who have bought toys (it's easier
than you think) or even donated money.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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