*sniffle* It's almost
like the president's stirring speech in Independence Day.

It wasn't that long ago that Earth was home to Humans. Then the Bane
invaded, pushing everyone to flee to worlds unfamiliar. Those early
days in December were probably the last truly happy times. Now the
soldiers of Tabula Rasa's AFS remember the days and people past with a
memorial service on Defeat of Earth Day: December 21st. Ten Ton Hammer
was there to cover the ceremony, including speeches by General British
and Sarah Morrison.

We fight for Humanity. And not just our lives, but
for our species. We
fight for Football, Music, Good Food, Late Night TV. We fight for Big
Macs, Cheap Tacos, and the Internet. We fight for what makes us Human.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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