Rank and File--PVP Style!
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In a world of gankings and rankings, the thrill of the hunt motivates
thousands to attack fellow AFS personnel. Two pioneers of Tabula Rasa
PvP have started a gamewide ranking site that will support tournaments
and solidify bragging rights for participants. Kole and Warlaw sat down
with Ten Ton Hammer and discussed this venture, providing insight into
the world of PvP and explaining what Live Fire Sports is all about.

Ten Ton
: I really appreciate you guys doing this. Let's
begin with your site. Where did you come up with the idea to put it
together? Is it to jump start interest in PvP or fill in motivation
gaps for the current system?

Kole: We
hope to jump start people's interest in PvP and to keep
motivating clans to compete. This all started out after I had offered
to organize a group of referees to oversee PvP events in response
comments on one of the community forums (Planet TR) complaining about
the exploiting of PvP mechanics. Out of the blue Wardlaw messaged me
about having the script for a PvP ladder and we just went from there. I
guess our philosophy has been "Why wait for the game code to be
changed, when we could make a change ourselves?"

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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