It seems like everyone has seen this one coming for awhile. According to its official website, Tabula Rasa will be closing down on February 28, 2009. Along with offering free service after January 10, 2009, there are a number of benefits that active TR players (as of today) will receive. The list is pretty substantial, although it may not truly dampen the impact of such a huge blow to MMO fans.

Coming just a few days after the announcement of Richard "General British" Garriott's departure from the game, this comes as a pretty massive blow to the MMO industry and NCsoft in general. For the past few months, NCsoft has been assuring fans that Tabula Rasa is in solid shape and wouldn't be going anywhere in the near future. With the creation of NC West and its focus on AAA titles, it seemed like Tabula Rasa was finally going to get some love. Apparently, that wasn't the case.

Tabula Rasa is dead. Long live Tabula Rasa.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016