Restoration Talents

Name Tier Effect with full talent points
Improved Healing Wave 1 Reduces the cast time of Healing Wave by 0.5 seconds.
Tidal Focus 1 Reduces the mana cost of healing spells by 5%.
Improved Self-Reincarnation 2 Reduces the cooldown on Self-Reincarnation by 20 minutes.
Ancestral Healing 2 A critical heal will increase the target's armor value from items by 25% for 15 seconds.
Totemic Focus 2 Reduces the mana cost of totems by 10%.

3 Healing stream and mana spring totems last 10 seconds longer.
Combat Endurance 3 Allows 10% of normal health regeneration in combat.
Improved Lesser Healing Wave 3
75% chance to avoid interruption caused by damage while casting lesser healing wave.
Improved Healing Stream Totem 4 Healing stream totems heal 20% more hp.
Tidal Mastery 4 Increases critical effect chance of healing and lightning spells by 5%.
Nature's Swiftness 5 The next nature spell with a casting time of less than 10 seconds becomes an instant cast.
Improved Mana Spring Totem 5 Mana spring totems restore 25% more mana.
Purification 6 Healing spells heal 10% more..
Mana Tide Totem 7 Summons a mana tide totem for 12 seconds that restores 240 mana every 3 seconds to nearby group members.

Enhancement Talents

Name Tier Effect with full talent points
Shield Specialization 1 Increases chance to block attacks with a shield by 5%.
Ancestral Knowledge 1 Increases maximum mana by 5%.
Improved Stoneskin Totem 2 Stoneskin Totem absorbs 20% more damage.
Improved Ghost Wolf 2 Ghost Wolf cast time reduced by 2 seconds.
Improved Lightning Shield 2 Lightning Shield deals 15% more damage.
Thundering Strikes 2 Melee critical strike chance increased by 5%.
Improved Strength of Earth Totem 3 Strength of Earth Totem gives 15% more strength.
Two-Handed Axes and Maces 3 Learn two-handed axes and two-handed maces.
Anticipation 3
75% Defense skill increased by 10.
Flurry 4 Attack 30% faster for three swings after dealing a critical strike.
Improved Rockbiter Weapon 4 Rockbiter gives 10% more attack power.
Improved Flametongue Weapon 5 Flametongue deals 10% more damage.
5 Learn to parry.
Improved Frostbrand Weapon 5 Frostbrand deals 10% more damage.
Improved Windfury Weapon 5 Windfury attack power increased by 22%.
Toughness 6 Increases your armor value from items by 10%.
Improved Grounding Totem 6 Increases the frequency that Grounding Totem will absorb a spell by 4 seconds.
Stormstrike 7 Gives the shaman an extra attack. Nature element damage received by the target is increased by 20% for 12 seconds or two attacks.
Improved Grace of Air Totem 7 Totem gives 15% more agility.

Elemental Talents

Name Tier Effect with full talent points
Improved Lightning Bolt 1 Lightning bolt requires 15% less mana to cast.
Concussion 1 Shock spells deal 5% more damage.
Convection 2 Shock spells require 10% less mana..
Improved Stoneclaw Totem 2 Totem has 25% more hp.
Call of Flame 2 Fire totems deal 10% more damage.
Improved Searing Totem 2 Searing totem lasts 20% longer.
Elemental Focus 3 10% chance to enter a Clearcasting state after casting any fire, frost, or nature damage spell. Clearcasting reduces the mana cost of the next damage spell by 100%. .
Call of Thunder 3 Lightning and chain lightning 6% more likely to crit.
Reverberation 3
Reduces the cooldown on all shock spells by 1 second.
Improved Fire Nova Totem 4 Fire nova totem activates 2 seconds sooner.
Elemental Fury 5 Increases the critical strike damage bonus of fire, frost, and nature spells by 100%.
Improved Magma Totem
5 Magma totem costs 20% less mana.
Lightning Mastery 6 Lightning/chain lightning cast time reduced by 1 second.
Improved Chain Lightning 6 Chain lightning deals 10% more damage.
Elemental Mastery 7 The next fire, frost, or nature damage spell will be a critical hit.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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