Gold spammers can become an annoyance in any MMO game, but many companies have limited resources to deal with these intrusions. This holds even more true with free to play games which typically have much lower budgets, so how do you combat the problem? IGG belives they have found a solution in their pirate themed Tales of Pirates. Using volunteers they have granted a few individuals the power to jail people guilty of farming in the game. They provided us an interesting press release and a few neat screenshots:

About Player Cop

Player cops can arrest Spammers if they find them committing illegal actions, and throw them into the Island Prison. Player cops should set up a post on the forum to announce the screenshot proof for the sake of reality and justice after each arrest quest.

Event Reward

Player Cops are public servants, and this event will ultimately benefit everyone, so they are volunteers who fight for honor rather than rewards.

For those who were not able to become Player Cops this time, don’t lose your heart. Our officials will be holding the 2nd Player Cops Recruitment soon. Refer to the following for more detailed info.

Event Rules:

1. The official will set up a post on the TOP forum. Players can reply to the post to register as a cop. (Stay tuned to forum announcement for the 2nd recruitment time.

2. The Player Cop is offered to players who have played TOP for one year or more, and must be level 80+.

3. Fill in the post with your server name, character name, and an in game character screenshot. The registering post can’t be modified once it is submitted.

4. The official will lock the posts and make our selection after the registration period and then announce the final results.

For more info on TOP, please visit:

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016