Which MMO Was Your First? Dish It!

Everybody remembers their first...MMO, that is. We want to hear scintillating tales of your first time. Which game took your MMO virginity: was it an old school MMO, or a more recent one? And how do you feel about it now--nostalgic or apathetic? We're encouraging you to gather 'round and join us in a little game of Truth or Dare. Better just tell us the truth, though, because who knows what we might dare you to do.

A couple nights ago, while playing some MMO (which shall remain nameless just...because), someone on the /ooc channel blurted, “OMG! EQOA popped my cherry, too!” Of course, just a couple seconds later she said demurely, “Whoops! That was a mistell.” But it was too late; everyone heard it. Obviously, she mistakenly used the out of character chat channel during a private discussion about the first multiplayer online game she’d ever played, and the one that took her virginity happened to be EverQuest Online Adventures.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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